Weird Sex Facts

Some “Sex-Facts” that you may not need/want to know!

Male bats have the highest rate of homosexuality of any group of mammals that exist- especially fruit bats. (batty)

Lions will have sex about 500 times with one mate. This is to ensure fertilization. (any excuse)

In Texas it is illegal to have sex with a fish, in Florida it is illegal to get a fish drunk. North Carolina thought both laws were good, so there it is illegal to have sex with a drunk fish. (hehe)

Sperm Whales are sexually mature at birth.

You can tell a turtle’s sex by its sound. Males grunt, females hiss. (what’s new?)

Human birth control pills work on gorillas.

The eagle has sex while going up to 60 mph in flight, and it is common for both eagles to hit the ground before they finish. (out with a bang)

Apart from humans, certain species of chimpanzee are the only animals to experiment sexually. They have been known to ‘wife swap’ and indulge in group sex. (brings a whole new meaning to monkeying around)

According to Dr. David Gems, a British geneticist, sex-craved male mice, who spend 5 to 11 hours per day pursuing female mice, could live years longer if they abstained. (tell this to some celebs, please?)

A certain musical note can sexually excite cats — the same note when played for kittens makes them want to go to the bathroom.

If disconnected, the sex organs (or gonads) of an armadillo are still active.

The ten-inch Banana Slugs of the Northwest end their 30 hour hermaphroditic mating session by chewing off each other’s male sex organs. (banana Bobbitt)

Mosquitoes perform a sex act that lasts only 2 seconds. (some women have met a man like this)

The largest living animal, the blue whale, naturally enough also has the largest penis, measuring approximately 10 feet long and 1 foot in diameter. It’s cousin, the sperm whale, gets as big as 9 feet. And yes, the sperm whale is so named because early sailors thought those gallons of white, gooey oil found in its head (?) was indeed sperm.

Long a symbol of sexual potency, the rhinoceros can ejaculate ten times or more during his half hour session with a female. They also have penises that are 2 feet long. (what did you expect with a horn like that?)

Though barnacles can’t move, they still mate via an extraordinarily long penis (150% their body length) that reaches over and into the female’s mantle cavity.

Female chimpanzees have been observed masturbating with their fingers, twigs and a water faucet. (stay of the water)

A drone honeybee will wait his whole life for one chance to mate with a queen. As soon as the queen opens her sting chamber to receive him, he explodes, his genitals bursting forth like a detonating grenade. Plugged, the queen flies away, leaving the drone to fall to the ground dead and eviscerated, albeit with a smile on his face.

Fleas are known to engage in sex immediately after feasting on rabbit’s blood specifically if the opportunity presents itself. (breed like rabbits?)

Gorilla penises are only a third of that of an average man’s.

Humans aren’t the only female animals that can experience orgasm; some rabbits and ferrets do as well. (how do they find this out?)

A whale’s penis is called a dork, which incidentally, is where we get the derogatory slang.

Pigs do indeed have a corkscrew-shaped penis. When engaged in sex, the male’s penis will make semi-rotary actions until it becomes firmly secured in the folds of the female’s cervix at which point the male ejaculates, a process which in itself takes as long as 30 minutes. !! (is why they call it a screw?)

Female baboons have been known to engage in a primitive form of prostitution by stealing food during sex.

The average mink sexual encounter lasts for several hours (how do you think they get their coats so shiny?)

22.75 hours is the current record for the longest rattlesnake mating session.

The female bedbug is born without any external sex organs. So the male bedbug has to use his pointed penis to drill a hole into her partner’s gut and deposit his sperm into her bloodstream. During long spells without access to human blood, the female’s been known to dine on her male partner’s semen. (go on, drill her?)

Capuchin monkeys usually say hello by showing each other their erections. (imagine…)

Perhaps the originator of the “quickie,” a baboon engages in a typical sex session that lasts all of 15 seconds. (wow!)


8 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Da Mario said,

    * Female baboons steal food quickly if they only have 15 seconds? 😮
    *Also, is that why they say: she fucked like a minx?? 😆
    *What does disconnected Armadillo sex organs look like? 😀

  2. 2

    Dellie said,

    Da Mario

    1. Dis seker waar multi-tasking vandaan kom? :mrgreen:
    2. Moet wees! 😯
    3. Geen idee nie, het nog nie ‘n connected een gesien nie! 😮

  3. 3

    Jo-Ann Schou said,

    #3 Miskien so bietjie soos ‘n af akkedisstert?

  4. 4

    boendoe said,

    Ek wil nie weet watse soekterme jou NOU gaan kry nie!! Hiehiehie… Nee, ek wil weet, asseblief toggie!

  5. 5

    Dellie said,

    LOL @ af akkedisstert… 😆 Met ‘n mind van sy eie?

  6. 6

    Wipneus! said,

    Ag Dellie jy is te dierbaar – dankie vir die seks- les!!! ;D
    Met ‘n kop soos ‘n sif van die jare op aarde gespandeer het ek die soort opknapping oor hierdie onderwerp broodnodig gehad!! 😀
    akkedisstert ???? …..:D
    al wat my bekommer is die kat storie, my naels kom gereeld uit as ek kwaad is? kat? ek sal my musiek voortaan goed moet kies, note kan probleme skep!! Gelukkig is ek nie meer ‘n kitten nie!!

  7. 7

    Pikkelik said,

    Hehehehehe …….
    If disconnected, the sex organs (or gonads) of an armadillo are still active.

    Hierdie een is te veel vir my – kan jy die goed imagine, ewe aktief op die tafel…

    Thanx Boendoe, ek het hierdie post nodig gehad!

  8. 8

    Sammi said,

    Hallo daar Dellie! Nogsteeds in Moddereiland met die seuns, mis SA en ons huis, maar is mal oor die feit dat alles hier ongelooflik goed werk. Is Mugabe besig om grond te verloor? Die nuus hier oor Afrika is maar uiters skamel. Volgende week terug>kyk mooi na julle self!

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